4 Values

No matter what I’m facing in life, I know if I pursue God and His kingdom first in my life, He will take care of the rest (Matthew 6:33). Here are four values I have in regard to my commitment to the Lord and my church family.

GATHER together. Hebrews 10:25 says that we should be careful not to neglect coming together. Going to church isn’t about a perfect attendance record, but it is about making the commitment to be there – not just for myself, but for others. I can encourage someone else. I can welcome a visitor. I can serve in ministry. My presence can make a difference for someone else.

GROW together. The Bible tells us to grow in His Word, grow in His presence, and grow in our character. The Bible also tells us to make disciples, so we should want to grow in number and grow in effectiveness.

GIVE together. The New Testament instructs us to tithe and give offerings to meet the needs of the local church. We also are told to share with the poor and those in need. When I value what God values, He blesses me with provision and abundance.

GO together. Jesus said His purpose was to seek and save the lost. We can do this individually, and we can do this together. Outreach and missions is the Father’s heart; therefore, it is a desire of my heart to give God what He wants.

When we value something, it becomes a matter of our heart, not just a task or obligation. When we value something, we do it with a willingness and an eagerness. We do it consistently and faithfully. God has blessed my life when I have honored the things He honors. I encourage you to find these principles in the Bible and make them your own.