Getting on the Same Page

It’s important for any christian to embrace the vision of the church God has drawn them to commit to. Part of embracing vision is getting on the same page through a church growth track. Part of a good growth track is a discipleship class that everyone should go through, whether that person is newly saved, a mature believer, or somewhere in between.

At Freedom House Church, we have a discipleship course we call FH Steps. In this course people will not only learn about the church vision and beliefs, but it’s also a great first step in getting to know other people and leaders in the church.

The course has three classes:

Step 1
Step 1 is a four-week class where we ENCOUNTER what the church is about. We can’t embrace a vision if we don’t know the vision. This class are includes information on how the church is set up, shares who we are as pastors and leaders, and how we make ourselves accountable to keep ourselves on track.

Step 2
Step 2 is a 10-week class where we EQUIP others with a foundation of basic teaching. There is unity when we are confident we agree on the major points of our faith.

Step 3
Step 3 is a 10-week class where we are EMPOWERED to serve with a deeper knowledge of God’s Word.

As pastors, we want everyone who calls Freedom House to be on the same page. We put the expectation out there for everyone to go through all three Steps if they want to serve in a leadership position. To serve on a FH Ministry Team, Step 1 is a necessary step.

Starting February 12th, Rick Becker will be teaching the Step 1 class after church. A light lunch will be provided. If Sundays don’t work for you, then Melanie and I will be teaching the class on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 pm. We ask that the classes be attended so connections can be made. If you have to miss a class, a recording will be made available.

Step 2 will be available during the spring term of small groups that start in March.

Thank you for getting on the same page! TOGETHER we can see God do great things!


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