GO – The Importance of Reaching Out

At Freedom House, our mission is to lead people to freedom in Jesus Christ.

Our church vision is to gather, grow, give and go. In this fourth blog entry on our vision, I want to write about the GO.

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commissioned His followers to GO into all the world to make disciples, to baptize, and to teach.

At Freedom House, when we GO, we go locally, nationally, and internationally. When we go, we are doing something practical to tangibly demonstrate the love of God. To help activate the church to GO, we provide opportunities for people to serve in local outreaches and go on mission trips.

Last year a team was sent from Freedom House to Juarez, Mexico, to serve with Pastor Buck Zengerle of Children’s Cup. Some went, and some sent through their giving. Together, the church made an impact of eternal proportion.

Throughout the year, we organize a way to plug people into local outreaches that take us outside of our walls. Some of our outreach is done on our own. Other outreach has been done by linking arms with other churches and ministries. Some examples of outreach we’ve done include hosting events for single moms, thrown neighborhood block parties, given away baskets of goodies, fed meals to firefighters, done Easter egg hunts, given gift cards to school teachers, helped give away Thanksgiving meals, and sponsored a booth for a back-to-school outreach.

Jesus said to “go,” so let’s GO!







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