Grow: The Importance of Coming Up a Level

At Freedom House, we have a vision to gather, grow, give and go. Today I want to share about the “grow” part of the vision in our mission to lead people to freedom in Jesus Christ.

I am a firm believer that Jesus accepts us right where we’re at. He died for us while we were still in an unforgiven and fallen condition. When we were in darkness, He came and found us.[1] We accept people where they are at when we connect through Freedom House. We often say, “Come as you are.”

I also believe that Jesus wants people to experience victory in life, in His freedom, which involves going through transformation and growth. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Growth happens a step at a time. We also often say, “We accept people where they are at, then ask them to come up a level.”

At a weekend service, we usually have a wide span of people gathering together, and our teaching is scriptural and foundational.

We also encourage everyone to go through the FH STEPS Growth Track, our 3-part discipleship course. For new and young believers, they benefit by learning basic truth from God’s Word. Those who are mature in the Lord will benefit by the assurance of what the church embraces as foundational doctrine.

FH Groups are our small groups. To go deeper into teaching, we recommend a Growth Group, preferably one that is part of the Emerge School of Ministry curriculum. In a small group, the believers also have the benefit of others who will pray with them, support them, care for them, and do life together with them.

We also have an internship program to help prepare anyone who wants to go farther in their ministry or who senses a call to leadership in the church or their own ministry. We also work to train church planters and church teams, and try to place them into a church plant or activate them in ministry positions.

As a pastor, God holds me responsible for oversight of the church, which includes providing solid truth for growth and also protection from false doctrine and error. I encourage the people who Freedom House their home to hear the message on the weekends, to listen to podcasts on our website, to go through FH STEPS, and to join FH GROUPS. If you sense a call to leadership, please consider going through the Emerge School of Ministry curriculum or go through the Emerge Internship.

[1] Romans 5:8, Acts 17:27, Acts 26:18

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