Staying Positive When You Are Feeling Negative

Recently we did a series called “Next Level” about growth. One principle was about living life from our spirit  – and not allowing our emotions to take over. One way to measure where we are at in our development in Christ is through watching our attitude to see if we are STAYING POSITIVE when we are FEELING NEGATIVE.

EVERYBODY has the opportunity to feel negative at some point. Everybody.

DON’T FAKE IT. I’m not saying that you will not have feelings when life is difficult. It’s okay to feel, or cry, or get angry. What I’m saying to allow your spirit to rise up over your feelings with a real faith. Real faith doesn’t have to fake it. Real faith isn’t sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the natural world. Real faith can acknowledge what is happening and say, “Okay, it’s tough right now.” Faith also can acknowledge what it believes, “But I know God is faithful to see me through.”


When you know God has planted you somewhere, your FAITH will keep you grounded in joy and peace. Your face will show what your heart knows when you choose to live by the spirit and keep the soul under control.

When you know what God has called you to, your FAITH will keep your thoughts in line with God’s promise, even when circumstances seem to oppose what God said. Situations change; God’s Word does not. Instead of focusing on what is temporary, keep God’s Word in front of you – read it, hear it, quote it, post it. When God’s Word is on your mind, your thoughts will stay positive, and those hurdles? You can jump over them.

When you recognize that God is perfect, your FAITH will keep your mouth in check even when you see the imperfections of others or yourself or this world. Some have taken the truth of what we call “confession,” meaning the words we say, to an extreme. For some, speaking faith-filled words is merely an act of WORKS, not of FAITH. For some, speaking words to communicate a situation carries CONDEMNATION instead of GRACE. Real faith doesn’t need to work it or condemn it. Real faith has a grace and a power and a peace in the words it speaks.

Not only can negative attitudes, thoughts and words can be used to harm or discourage another person; but negative words can also have a devastating effect in the spirit. Negative people have harmed themselves, their families, their businesses, and even hurt some churches. Anything doubt and negativity touches has a way of bringing things DOWN. What genuine faith and positivity touches has a way of bringing things UP.

Take today and watch what you say. Watch what you think on. Watch how you feel. What are you feeling, thinking, and saying about yourself? Your finances? Your health? Your family? Your church? If an adjustment needs to be made, make it.

Get God’s Word in your mind. Renew your mind to think like God thinks. It will affect your attitude and the words you say.

Pray and activate your spirit. Don’t neglect the spirit part of you when you walk out your day. Stir yourself up and let your spirit rise up. Let the Holy Spirit move through your active and awake heart.

Put action to your faith. Keep the attitude, the thoughts, and the words in check. Don’t get religious about it; let it be real, from the heart. Stay POSITIVE in faith, and overcome the negative – through faith!

3 Responses to Staying Positive When You Are Feeling Negative

  1. Don Costello says:

    Good words Pastor.

  2. Denise says:

    Very good thank you for sharing Pastor Jerry. I needed this and I’m going to share.

  3. Karen says:

    Excellent! Pastor Jerry. 1 to live by.

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