The Blessed Life


Right now we are in a series called “The Blessed Life,” and the messages are about the financial freedom God wants us to experience in living our lives for Him.

The Bible definition for a blessing describes a gift, present, prosperity, and benefit. Blessings can be both spiritual and natural, but there is no denying, God wants you to have more than enough. God never intended for any of us to live life underneath the weight and stress of not having enough.

God’s blessings require faith.

God promised to meet our needs and then some. Our financial security isn’t found in our bank account or our stock portfolio. Each day the Israelites believed God for what they needed that day, and God provided manna for the day. The blessed life isn’t about stockpiling treasures or bank accounts; it’s about having faith in a God that will meet our needs as they come.

God’s blessings require wisdom.

We can’t expect to live with abundance when we don’t follow the Bible’s principles on earning, spending, giving, saving, and investing. God’s wisdom will help you to get out of debt and to have an abundance to share.

God’s blessings require obedience.

Faith isn’t faith until action is put to it. We can’t earn God’s blessings through works, but we can receive God’s blessings through adding obedience to our faith. When we trust God, we will be generous and share what we have with those in need. We will give God the first tenth of our income to our local church. We will give offerings on top of our ten percent as the Holy Spirit leads us. It involves our trust in God, our honor for God, and our love for God. Yes, it takes faith to obey!

God’s blessings require grace.

If we focus only on what WE can do, we will leave out what GOD can do. He is able to do exceedingly above and beyond what we imagine. This doesn’t discount applying natural laws of wisdom, but it does open us up to an unlimited supply from a limitless Father.

When we know God, we can choose to love God.

When we love God, we can choose to trust God.

When we trust God, we can choose to obey God.

When we obey God, we choose to live a blessed life.

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